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Can All Tattoos Be Removed

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Can All Tattoos Be Removed When you choose Vanishing Ink Laser Aesthetics Center for your affordable tattoo removal treatments, you’ll get dedicated professionals. Taking extra time off between laser treatments does not diminish the effectiveness of laser Tattoo Removal. We will then determine the best treatment method based on the tattoo’s colors and location, and pulses of laser light are emitted from the device and into the skin surface. Fotona’s Q-Switched laser technology generates high-energy nanosecond pulses that are efficient […]

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Can Permanent Tattoos Be Removed

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Can Permanent Tattoos Be Removed The use of lasers to remove tattoos have become the standard treatment because they offer low risk, increased safety, an effective alternative with minimal side effects and increased selectivity. When people want their tattoos removed, we and most physicians today consider laser surgery one of the best methods. Basically, the cream binds together with the pigments of the tattoo and draws this ink up to the surface of the skin. Some patients may choose to […]

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