Social Media Advertising Did It Work With You

With the advent of Social Media many quiet and unknown leaders have come to the surface to influence our thinking, behavior, and guide us through very challenging times. The phenomenon is not so much on the platform, but in the opportunities social media has created for many known and unknown leaders to show their true character and abilities.

But what about the work itself? Well, let’s be honest, and this is what a lot of people don’t get, it IS work. Too many marketers are looking for that magic button to push. I can tell you from experience, it doesn’t exist. So, if you’re going to define DNA Wealth Blueprint bonus as a job simply because there is work involved, then you’re missing the point.

We all hear about people making millions of dollars, believe or not, but the truth is: only 2-3 % of the people joining these programs will make any money at all or get their investment back. I would like to introduce you to an alternative to referral and MLM programs: cpa marketing.

So why is it that many marketers give facebook ads bad reviews? The reason is that marketers measure an ads success by the number of clicks on the ad, which is also how they pay. Per number of clicks. They should remember though that it’s really the amount of profit generated that matters, not the number of clicks.

A program I have recently joined is Affiliate Junktion. This program is relatively new, but I feel that it will among the best affiliate programs you will find. I have already earned money with Affiliate Junktion, and have only been an affiliate for 10 days! With a free website, promotional tools and plenty of guidance, how can you lose with this free program?

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